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How we can help to streamline your business logistics



We review your current set up and identify weaknesses in your current process.



Make changes to ensure a much smoother working relationship with your customers and suppliers.



Work with our selected partners to ensure costs are reduced but transit and services are greatly improved.


Electronics Company.
Imports ex China, 800 + TUE's with monthly air and LCL imports
Freight Spend – GBP 1,000,000.00 + PA

Owner's comments:

Logistics is a huge and important part of our business and if Im honest , we rely on our logistics partner to look after our best interests and work as a partnership as our forte is in electronics and not logistics or freight.

After meeting with Simple Logistic Solutions they pointed out some very expensive flaws in our importing process that could quickly and simply be changed and liaised with our suppliers to ensure, if these changes were made, it would not impact there production in Asia.

Based on the initial meeting and pricing I estimate they saved my organisation in the region of £75,000.00 and with bimonthly meetings involving our production and warehousing team they continue to not only reduce our costs, but put forward ideas to improve internal communications and make the business work a lot slicker.

Not only do we now have a partner we can trust, they are always available if you need to get hold of them.

Health Food Company
Imports ex USA, Canada and Europe, 300+ containers with monthly air and LCL
Freight Spend – GBP 750,000.00 + PA

Managing Director's comments:

We have been importing and exporting health food products for the past 20 years and when Simple Logistic Solutions contacted me I was very sceptical at first if I am honest.

After meeting our purchasing manager we met with the team and they quickly summarised where they thought we could reduce our costs and make some changes in our business to reduce our transit times.

Where we had previously shipped goods from all over Canada and USA direct they came up with a consolidation point so we reduced the number of LCL shipments and moved more full containers so we reduced our costs.

They also looked at setting up a distribution hub in Rotterdam where we could hold stock and deliver next day throughout Europe.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the level of service, follow up and above all, honesty that Simple Logistic Solutions have delivered.

Electronics Importer and Exporter
Imports and Exports to and from the USA and Asia – 200 + LCL and Air shipments PA
Freight Spend – GBP 750,000.00 + PA

Managing Director's comments:

We met up with Simple Logistic Solutions after they had met our logistics and purchasing team and put forward a very forward thinking option for our USA business.

After working with huge well known multimodal logistics provider for several years I thought the service and costs we were receiving would be competitive based on the rates we received on the back of our sister company in the USA who spend in excess of US $ 3,000,000.00 on freight and logistics, but I was proven wrong.

As we imported and exported to our sister company in the USA we often had shipments delayed due to production issues and on several occasions had to airfreight large stock orders both from the USA and UK at our considerable expense to ensure we met our customers requirements.

What this company came up with reduced our air costs by well over 45%, reduced our ocean transit time by over 50% for Import and Export and offered a 22% reduction in costs.

Based on increased production from last year our costs have reduced significantly and they are in the second phase of reviewing our Asia import business, which is again proving to be a very worthwhile exercise.

This dependable and all encompassing service makes us the best in the business, so contact us today to discuss your shipment requirement.